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Donation Policy:

This is voluntary if you have got what you were looking for in the material above. I intend to post all my thoughts for free with or without anyone’s support.

I am not soliciting any contribution and this is no strings attached. I also reserve the right to refuse.


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  1. percyway says:

    First of all, I hope you all have enjoyed reading and got something to take away. I am not a legal hawk or any patent expert. I am just trying to be in the Jury’s shoes and trying to connect using common sense.

    Let me thank initial support in terms of contributions from:
    Michael McF*
    Steve K*
    William Abra*
    Thomas Camp*

    Let me repeat again, my content is pretty simplistic narration based on what I see. If you need specific legal view, please contact experts.

    I hope to use this channel, Yahoo MB, stocktweets and Twitter (@percyview)

  2. percyway says:

    Well, there have been other who have donated and I will certainly acknowledge them all.

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