This is a personal observation based on discussion in open public forum and my interpretation of the same.

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From Judge’s view:

Judge Jackson seems to be very flexible and accommodating person of authority (and very sharp). Google’s atty at times seems to repeatedly go back on his previous agreements with vringo atty and judge. Basically asking Judge to reconsider things not privy to me. As an example, I heard Vringo atty pleading him to get his witness tomorrow or on Monday. I believe they were talking about Dr. Ungar. The fact that they are not prepared with the expert witness shows their level of prep.

The reason why I am saying this is to look at this from a Judge’s and Jury’s perspective. Judge is repeatedly offering to adjust court schedule so that we can give Jury a consistent approach and sequential introduction to issues at hand. I am seeing discussion repeatedly about the need to have clarity, simplicity and proper presentation for Jury.

From Vringo’s Perspective:

Vringo, I believe is guiding the Jury very well so far. The secret is nothing but preparation. Vringo’s atty has to be given some credit with the way he introduced Dr. Frieder and questioning him in a way that benefits information absorption. It seems simple execution if you are in court but just carrying this script for over 2 hours with Dr. Frieder who is an genius in his field is no joke. Vringo’s atty was well prepared and Google
objected on 3 ocassions specifically when Dr. Frieder was elaborating his reasoning. These were overruled as exhibits were not conflicting with the material Dr. Frieder was presenting.

Again, from Jury’s perspective, this shows that Vringo is confident to take on Google and beat them with their own documentation. Dr. Frieder and Vringo atty have smartly dissected google literature and presented them in an easy and visual way. Remember, visual aids when presented using color – coding and flow-charts makes a lasting impression on our brain. I could remember every detail of his testimony just by remembering the flow and colors. Dr. Frieder is very mindful of the audience and he uses his pitch, tone and words laced with slight humor in a perfect way. In fact, Judge reprimanded Goog Lawyer when he tried to make a smart comment. On just one ocassion, Dr. Frieder might have veered too ahead towards technical jargon, but Vringo atty was quick to get on track. Basically, they were perfect tact-team for almost 2 hours.

From Google’s Perspective:

They have given the lead to Vringo as far as Jury’s heart goes. They pretty much couldn’t do anything until they have their own witness or counter – question Dr. Frieder.


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  1. nick says:

    Will you be attending anymore days?

  2. David Tru says:

    Will you be attending the trial next week? Your tweet mentioned driving back home tomorrow/Sat.

  3. Paul Braddy says:

    Thanks for making it real. I am waiting for your reports like it’s Christmas morning.

  4. Michael Miller says:

    Thanks for the info. I threw 10 bucks your way. Wish it could be more, but the rest is in VRNG!!!

  5. Ajay Kumar says:

    Thanks for you realtime update that we all were looking for. 10 bucks on your way. Hope something settles over the weekend. 🙂

  6. Tim says:

    Your observations are clear & precise. Please don’t listen to detractors on Yahoo/Vrngo message board that are slamming you.

  7. percyway says:

    Thanks for all your feedback and contributions.

  8. hxdai says:

    Thanks a lot Percy you deserve every single penny of donation. Great works don’t go unrewarded. Will you be attending future court sessions?

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