Disclosure: Percyway is long VRNG. This blog is mere reflection of personal thoughts and not to construed as any investment advice to buy or sell any stock.


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  1. Brian says:

    On yahoo there is a new post titles Percy (please read) you need to look at.

  2. Joe says:

    Excellent website! I cna only imagine how awesome it will be with your new riches courtesy of a HUGE VRNG WIN!!!!

  3. Nicole Hill says:

    Love new look, the scenery did’nt suit the content IMHO, thanks for all your efforts. One question, which side has the most charismatic and engageing lawyer(s) ?

    • percyway says:

      Well Nicole, that’s lies in the eyes of beholder :). But I appreciate your honest feedback on my site. I know its a taste that everyone may not relate to. Well, coming to Lawyers, my response is again same…as above. But overall, vringo lawyers are smart in terms on their profession. All they need is bit of luck on their side for jury to buy their side of story in court.

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