Ultimately, it was felt that using a platform such as SCRIBD would help the cause of those who are LONG on VRNG by making this information available in additional social platforms. If you are convinced in this stock, why not share your reading over Linkedin or Facebook or SCRIDB (through readcast) and have others to get hooked on. The more stronger buyers (and in numbers) we have , the higher is the probability of stock price increasing further.
Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Please make your own decisions independently.


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  1. Lisa says:

    I’m sure many understand your position. However, behind the anonymity of a screen name others are free to spew over the top vulgar comments that most would not make if their real name was attached. I don’t consider the change a bait and switch as some have insinuated as I’m sure after the first day or two, the donations began to dry up yet reader hits was up. Good luck to us all in this trade!

  2. mpr says:

    Hi Percy I read your comments early on and did send a small thank you your way via paypal. I appreciate the effort. As a financial advisor long the stock for myself only, I am blocked from the ScribD site at work. I’ll have to try to accessing it when I get home. Thank you

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