Disclaimer: These updates are being reported by Mike who is attending today.

The document is now available for purchase at ScribD. Please click on the link below.


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  1. Cristina M. says:

    I donated $35.00 last night , please update me.

  2. threeaces says:

    Percy….I donated last night….where do I find that update ? threeaces

  3. Lisa says:

    Percy, call me Scribd stupid but I don’t even see how to pay for the document! Is this an iPad problem where I need to be on a non-mobile device or is it user error??? Thanks!

    • percyway says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I believe Scribd UI is yet to refined for mobile devices. I had first hand experience myself. I would suggest buying by using your browser on PC/MAC (see the button on right -hand side in orange for “Buy”). I would then try to read on mobile / ipad. Note that the scribd menu is cryptic. Top left hand corner where you need to sign in. Hope this helps.

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