Disclaimer: These updates are being reported by Mike who is attending today.

The document is now available for purchase at ScribD. Please click on the link below.


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  1. threeaces says:

    Any info on who objected to what? TIA

  2. Nickhenny says:

    ..and what was dr. Frieder’s thoughts that he was able to squeeze in?

  3. Joe says:

    Thanks again for taking the personal time to update the rest of us who are financially vested in the outcome of this case. Looking forward to the next update. Thanks!!!!

  4. threeaces says:

    TY for update….I’m waiting for my PP account to be verified so I can send a contribution.

  5. playpen007 says:

    Just donated $20.00; sorry that all I can afford. I am very small investor with 1300 shares. Bought around 3.65 per share.

  6. flipmcf says:

    Thank you for the updates! Hoping more will contribute.

  7. Jose says:

    Thank you percy for the updates. I just donated, small investor long VRGN

  8. percyway says:

    Thanks everyone. Some snipped of updates will be flashed in my twitter account as well.

  9. frank says:

    when is the second half going to be released

  10. Gil says:

    Thanks Percy! Great update. Will Mike be attending the trial on Tuesday?

  11. threeaces says:

    Percy…have you been tracking the # of hrs of testimony ? If I remember correctly, they are limited to 24-25 hrs……is that right ? TIA….threeaces
    Donation sent via PP

  12. flipmcf says:

    Great report, but I’d like to pick on one phrase, in part 1:

    ” I am told that [Vringo council] were not reprimanded in front of Jury. ”

    How would someone in the courtroom know this? Was the jury not present in the court room, but the spectators were? I envision Vringo being reprimanded in the Judge’s chambers… which no one but Council would be aware of.

    So, if the jury didn’t see the reprimand, how is it Mike saw it or has any idea it happened?

    Just want to remove any doubt of spin here, and get the facts. I don’t mean to pick. I appreciate the info…. Just trying to dig a bit deeper.

  13. joe bobb says:

    Thanks Percy, the check is in the mail.

  14. joe bobb says:

    Hi Purse,
    What is your estimate on time frame for start of jury deliberations?

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