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Well, since elections are around the corner, I thought this might be a great time to crunch some analysis based on data we have. Again, I am hoping that this will give a sense of direction (hopefully). BTW, check the profile of visitors coming in. Thought I would share with you all.

But before we get there, I would like to have some feedback on this site. Please click on survey link below and provide your feedback.

Take Our Survey!


So, here’s my first poll question. Just want to get a feel based on who read my postings. Whether we need to expand this and all. Please note that all the data in anonymous. That means no one can identify what you have answered. Don’t you think this is much better privacy than possibly Google and FB can claim 😉

#1) Investor Profile. How would you identify yourself as based on options below?

What is your strategy during the trial?

#2) Are you going to Buy/Sell/Hold through-out the trial (before the Jury’s decision)?

Projection: Outcome of trial

#3) Are you expecting a settlement, Victory for Vringo or Loss?

What’s the price gonna be tomorrow?

#4) What’s the price gonna be tomorrow?

How do you view $$ money on VRNG?

#5) How you classify your investment in Vringo?

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Disclaimer on donations:

I am not soliciting any contribution and this is no strings attached. I also reserve the right to refuse. Donations helps to run the costs of tools such as this site, 3rd party tools integration, time, time away from work, stay, food, my travel (6+ hours) and booze after a long day 🙂


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  1. Robert Roe says:

    Hello Percy, First i would like to thank you for sitting in on the trial this week. I got in in the 3’s I purchased Nov.4 call options and also 4.50 call options. I seen the upper 5’s and held through this volatility without any put options. I haven’t seen a valid reason other then fear to hedge my position all news that I have seen has been in favor of VRNG with the accept-ion of a few articles that have no facts or sloppy DD. I am awaiting the outcome of this trial in hopes of the pps doubling at least which would give me a return of 700% or more. I also anticipate if VRNG wins a premium will be attached to the stock price for the upcoming suit with ZTE. If VRNG is to lose then I cut my losses as best as I can and move on to something different. Again thank you for the updates!! Robert Roe

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